All Jeyamtemplates products are GPL compliant and all their PHP files are also licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Our products are comprised of several different file types, including: php, cascading style sheets, javascript, as well as several image types including GIF, JPEG, and PNG. All .PHP and .JS files are released under the GPL 3.0 unless specified as otherwise within the file itself. If specified as otherwise, the files are licensed (or dual licensed, as stated in the file) under the MIT License, a compatible GPL license.

Regular License:

Regular License allows you to use our product/extension in one project (e.g, website, web app, mobile app, etc) and it cannot be used in salable products/softwares.

Extended License:

Extended License covers all projects made by you or one salable software (for example, one Joomla! template).